Mauro Santini

The story of a day of pupils and pupils of the primary school of Pieve Torina (rebuilt after the earthquake of 2016), hour after hour School Day becomes the portrait of women and men of the near future who, caught in the act of learning, give in turn a lesson of lightness and a task to be done: seeing with new eyes, observing the horizon from the point of view of a school desk.


Ruben Lagattolla

Documentary Film shot in Aleppo – Syria, between the 30th of April and the 9th of May 2014.
The life of the media-activists is narrated through daily tragic episodes taking place in free Aleppo, which is under the siege of its own Regime since almost four years.
The group of young Media-activists from the Halab News Network ( emerges to be a real brigade of the Sirian Resistance against the Regime, they don’t use AK-47, they use cameras and passion.
The story is told from a participative observer POV, edited in an authorial way not to emphasize through fictional film language what is already a tragedy, but to show it raw as it appears to be in that fatal reality.
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Luca Longarini

Formiche is the portrait of a moment, it proposes a reflection on the current state of things. A small journey in a microcosm of forgotten truths.
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A girl goes up a river from the mouth, backwards, maybe looking for a place or running away from something…
Between wolves and mysterious glances she will find someone who will give her shelter and who, in turn, will ask for help…
Each of my films is born without a script, based on a thin track or on the improvisation of the figures in front of the camera.
The attempt in this case was to relate two solitudes: the restless and post-adolescent one of Nicoletta, a girl in perennial escape and self-seeking, with the rational and methodical one of Andrea, a naturalist, a deep connoisseur of the world of wolves. The two met the same day of their arrival at the refuge.
Then it was the waiting: in the darkness of the woods or in the warmth of the fireplace, waiting for something to happen, for them to “find” themselves, beyond any written page. And this is what happened.